Tennessee American Recycling  offers services to the following recovered material generators:

Printing Companies

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Office Buildings


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Shredding Companies

Our facility is ideal for mobile shredding trucks to get in quickly, dump and get back on the road.  Our prices are the highest in the area due to our supply agreements with consuming paper mills.

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We offer storage containers or trailers and pickup service for all commodities including residential recyclables.  We also serve many municipalities who deliver material to our plant and enjoy competitive rebate programs.

Records Storage Companies

As experts in recovered office paper recycling, we offer the best prices for your paper and provide the highest level of security.  Programs can range from on call pickups to tractor trailers loads to compactors spotted at your facility.

Manufacturing Facilities

We are uniquely qualified to perform waste audits and to customize programs to capture and handle all types of recyclable material.

Distribution Centers

As with manufacturing facilities, we can develop a compressive recycling program to include the pick up of cardboard, office paper and stretch film.  We are strong buyers and marketers of cardboard and therefore offer competitive rebate programs.  We also offer compactor and baler programs for higher volume generators.

Paper Merchants and Converters

We pay premium prices for obsolete and damaged rolls and sheets.