Core Principals of  Tennessee American Recycling

Integrity:   Committed to the highest level of integrity and reliability in all aspects of our business.

Service:    Making a positive impact in the lives of the people and organizations with whom we interact.

Leadership: Striving to create an environment for success and growth for our employees and business partners.



Mission of  Tennessee American Recycling

To be diligent and efficient in all we do, maintaining the highest level of professionalism, quality and integrity.

To provide the highest level of service to our stakeholders by responding to their needs, questions and concerns with promptness, courtesy and respect.

To treat our co-workers with compassion, dignity, and respect while providing a work environment that promotes personal growth.

To establish, and maintain the highest quality, comprehensive recycling programs with the aim of adding value to all client relationships.

To provide a consistent supply of raw material fiber that exceeds the desired expectations of our mill customers.

To be productive and contributing members of the communities in which our operations reside. To help to preserve our environment by saving natural resources and landfill space.